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The importance of filtering compressed air

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The importance of filtering compressed air
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The importance of filtering compressed air


In modern industrial production, compressed air is more and more widely used, and is playing an increasingly important role in improving production efficiency and product quality, automation degree of production operation and working reliability.


As an air source, the compressed air discharged by the air compressor contains a lot of water vapor, oil vapor and dust and other mixed impurities. If the compressed air containing these impurities is directly delivered to the compressed air using equipment, the whole system will bring the following adverse consequences:

  1. High pressure oil and gas accumulation in the system pipeline, forming flammable, or even explosive mixture. At the same time, the oil is vaporized at high temperature to form an organic acid, which has a corrosive effect on metal equipment.
  2. As the mixture of water, oil and dust is deposited in the pipeline, the flow area of the pipeline is reduced and the airflow resistance is increased. In severe cases, it even causes the blockage of the pipeline, which makes the whole system work unsteadily.
  3. In the cold season, water vapor condensation will cause damage to pipes and accessories due to freezing.
  4. The dust and other impurities in the compressed air will grind the relatively moving parts and cause leakage and affect the accuracy and service life of the equipment in case of serious wear.
  5. The compressed air used for painting, chemistry, food or precision parts processing, if it contains water, oil and impurities, will pollute the product, make the product quality decline, serious or even make the product scrapped, affect the reputation of the product.

In addition to the problems associated with compressed air systems, allowing pollutants such as water, solid particles, and oil to be discharged unchecked through valves, cylinders, air motors, and tools can lead to the formation of an unhealthy production and working environment such as productive dust, toxic gases, etc.


Employees who work in polluted air environment for a long time will cause great invisible harm to their health. Chronic diseases may occur to different degrees. For example, dust will harm eyes, reduce visual range, chronic bronchitis, pneumoconiosis and other occupational diseases. Hydrocarbons can damage the skin and liver, and poisonous gases can cause dizziness, nausea and even loss of consciousness. For example, working in a polluted environment for a long time will gradually cause cancer and death, seriously affect the health of employees, threaten people's life safety, and increase the risk of accidents; At the same time, there are also potential problems such as product pollution, personnel injury, absence and financial compensation, which will bring health and safety injuries to production personnel and product users, ultimately affect the company's product brand benefit and reputation, and gradually make the company lose its competitiveness and market.


The use of polluted air will not only have a serious impact on the production equipment, personnel, products and surrounding environment, but also lead to additional production losses, product quality problems and high maintenance costs.


Therefore, further purification treatment of compressed air to meet the production requirements has become an essential and important means, it is very important to choose a reliable and efficient performance of compressed air filtration device, to save energy and production costs for enterprises.

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